Based on Them

A hurricane is headed toward the coast, though, at the moment, it doesn’t appear as if it’s going to get too bad here in the Upstate. It looks like I’ll be writing about a high school football game on Thursday and Friday nights. I’ve been switching the TV back and forth between weather and politics all day, trying to pay as little attention as possible, … Continue reading Based on Them

Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open

My social calendar stays relatively free. Mostly, I get invited to events because people want me to write about them, or it, or them and it, whether they are ballgames, media conferences, or something else. I don’t think people trust me. They think I might write about them. Which is true. Not by name, though. Not in truth. In fiction. I try to watch people … Continue reading Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open

Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Get Ready, Get Ready!

                The Charge of the Light Brigade is on TV. I flipped over when Son of Lassie ended. I’m hardly watching. It’s background noise. For some reason, I like it while writing.                 Such as now.                 A familiar morning feeling. It’s like stretching before exercise. I remember that.                 I was just thinking about the evolution of one’s style. The transition that comes from … Continue reading Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Get Ready, Get Ready!