Even as the summer swelters

(Pixabay photos)

Clinton, South Carolina, Thursday, July 26, 2018, 2:25 p.m.

By Monte Dutton

I was out working on a feature for the GoLaurens.com website until almost 8 on Wednesday night.

When I got back home and turned on the TV, I discovered I had missed two innings, five runs and three homers in the Red Sox game in Baltimore. History missed them, too. It was raining and didn’t stop. All that offense was washed away with the rain, and J.D. Martinez, Mookie Betts and Andrew Benintendi will never receive credit for their power. The game will begin again when it’s restarted later in the season.

Orioles Park at Camden Yards

I spent the rest of the evening writing the feature and waiting for a Little League baseball game in Taylors to show up on a web site so that I could post a story about the ending of the Laurens Majors’ season. Northwood of Taylors won the state championship, 10-7, and the game ended with a force play at second with the bases loaded.

High school football practice begins in the morning at Clinton and Laurens District high schools, and Laurens Academy begins on Monday morning. I expect I’ll ramble around the county in the morning to take photos of the Red Devils and Raiders starting to prepare for a game against each other on August 24.

My upcoming baseball novel got its 13th chapter on Wednesday morning. This morning I edited some releases for the web site after awakening late due to working into the wee hours the night before.

Now the Diamondbacks and Cubs are playing at Wrigley, and I watched parts of several old movies that were bad enough to be amusing for a while. It’s too early to check on the local arrests and obituaries. I decided to write the blog because I’m not quite ready to embark on the next chapter of fiction, and neither the guitar leaning against the couch to my left nor the Kindle balanced on its ledge seems more appealing than just randomly assembling thoughts.

Maybe a mug of coffee is in order.

The Barrie Jarman Adventures (Gabe Whisnant photo)

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