From Me to You on My Crazy Novel

(Cover design by Jennifer Skutelsky)
(Cover design by Jennifer Skutelsky)

Friends, countrymen and countrywomen, city folks, cowboys and Indians, readers frequent and infrequent,

As you know, I’ve written another novel. It’s good because, right out of Amazon (the retailer, not the river, but the two could be related by marriage), and into my portable devices, I read it. It took just slightly over one day, but that’s slightly misleading because I wrote it, and it’s quicker that way. It’s a sorrowful endeavor because I find itsy, bitsy typos like “peak” instead of “peek” and “ya’ll” instead of “y’all” that I should have caught in one of the many rewrites, edits, and revisions.

By Monte Dutton
By Monte Dutton

But I didn’t, okay? I prefer to think those dastardly publishers missed some I sent them, but I’ve got neither evidence or the inclination to find any.

Anyway, it’s good. Not that I’m objective, or not that anyone writes crap on purpose, but I’m pleased with it, and I hope you’ll read it. You know me, so, at the very least, it will probably confirm suspicions or something. If you like me, you’ll like me more. If you think I’m crazy, you’ll think I’m crazier. It doesn’t really matter. All it’s going to cost you is $3.49 (as of, right now, I think), and being a citizen of the modern world, you’ve got something that has within the realm of your electronic kingdom a free Kindle app: iPod, iPad, iPhone, iSomething, Nook, cranny, tablet, Surface (I’m writing on this one), laptop, music player … something.

Recently, I discovered, while waiting interminably for a doctor to tell me I’m fine, that when I downloaded Crazy of Natural Causes (did I mention that’s the name of it?) in my Surface, it, of its very own and Amazon’s accord, flowed like a river into my phone, too. And the iPod I use mainly to make mowing grass less tedious. And, amazingly, my phone knew how far I’d gone in my tablet and allowed me to resume reading at the right place.

So buy my book. You’ll like it. It’ll make you think. You may not approve of Chance Benford’s adventures, or his imperfections as they grow and take root, but I think they’ll amuse you, and I hope they’ll amuse you so much that you’ll paddle right back to your Amazon account and leave a few sentences of review because Amazon loves for that to happen.

Desperate but trying not to let it show too much,



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