It’s Sooner Than Later Now

The novel at the other end of the tunnel is not far away. (Monte Dutton photo)
The novel at the other end of the tunnel is not far away. (Monte Dutton photo)

I’m tumbling down the stretch.

On Tuesday, Crazy of Natural Causes becomes available for download at It has been available for advance order since July 14. I assume the advance price of $3.49 will be in place through Monday. I don’t know anything else. It’s up to Amazon. It’s my seller, and it’s also my publisher. Insofar as selling the book is concerned, the folks at Amazon, Kindle Publishing and the KindleScout program are the experts.

Monte Dutton
Monte Dutton

Me? I’m just the expert on writing it. Allegedly. Time will tell. It will not succeed beyond my wildest dreams, simply because my dreams are quite wild. Nor will it flop as miserably as my deepest fears.

I’m a writer. I’m imaginative by definition.

Get them while they’re hot, or, I suppose, while they’re cold. I guess a book can’t be hot before it can be read.

A few customer reviews have already been posted. That’s because all the people who nominated Crazy for publication got copies in advance, the better for them to leave a blurb before it’s widely available.

This morning brought with it the second “author feature,” this one on the web site of fellow author Jennifer Skutelsky, who was not only kind enough to include me in her blog but also happened to design the cover of Crazy of Natural Causes.

Another author, Jim Jackson, featured me on July 14, and another, compliments of Meredith Pritchard, is scheduled to be released on August 3. Here’s the Jackson feature:

All of this is designed, of course, to entice you to buy it. I’m trying to draw you into my web of intrigue.

(Cover design by Jennifer Skutelsky)
(Cover design by Jennifer Skutelsky)

Crazy is about the adventures of Chance Benford, a football coach turned motivational speaker who barely survives a debilitating accident between the careers.

The above is a spectacularly simple depiction of the plot. Read one or both of the links above and you’ll know much more about Chance as he picks his way across a variety of impediments scattered in his almost random path.

You probably won’t like Chance much at the beginning. He isn’t much of a role model. He’s crazy. Once he regains his wits, the world in which he lives grows crazy. Fortunately, he has experience dealing with it.

Give it a try. I gave it my all. I’d like to know what you think.


You can buy it here:

You can buy most of my other books here:



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