The Way We Do the Things We Do

Smoky Mountains, I-40. Witness all the techology! (Monte Dutton photo)
Smoky Mountains, I-40. Witness all the techology! (Monte Dutton photo)

Get a grip. Have a clue. Or have a grip. Get a clue. Either way, right now, you are both gripless and clueless.

Know what I’m saying?

Monte Dutton
Monte Dutton

Never have we interacted more. Never has it mattered less. The world is empty. We like it that way. Let’s make it emptier. Order up another dozen Justin Biebers. Produce another dozen reality shows, only, don’t worry. It’s not reality. It’s just a text fail.

Mostly, it’s just a remake of what’s been made before.

This blog has no focus. How could it? It’s based on life.

This shouldn’t be a surprise. Most conversation is meaningless.

              Hey, how you doing?

              Fine, and you?

              Oh, I’m fine. Same old same old.


Social media are exactly the same, except that some people turn nasty when hiding behind the cloak of invisibility. I have what can be an invisible cloak on Twitter, but I don’t use it to be mean, and I don’t hide my true identity. I just have one that specializes in writing (@hmdutton) and one that specializes in irreverence (@wastedpilgrim). The one with my name in the heading (i.e., @montedutton) is just the home office. The lines aren’t clearly drawn. When I think of something to tweet, I just make a snap decision. Hmm. This one fits Pilgrim, Wasted.

I post some blogs on all three. The Intangibles (@hmdutton) has about half as many followers as Pilgrim, Wasted (@wastedpilgrim), which has about eight percent as many as Monte Dutton (@montedutton). I also have a book page (The Audacity of Dope, the name of my first novel) and a music/writing page (Monte Dutton) in addition to the main one. I appreciate and participate in Fans of Monte Dutton but didn’t start it.

I’m on Google+ and Instagram. I’m trying to resist Snapchat. All this stuff takes up too much time, but what I do, I try to do well, and I have to do what I can to promote my writing and make a living.

A hurricane stole the "I." (Monte Dutton photo)
A hurricane stole the “I.” (Monte Dutton photo)

In other words, I’m more part of the problem than part of the solution. I enjoy it, but I’m not sure it’s worth it. I’ve got plenty of more challenging tasks to complete than pointing out that the next two movies on TCM are The Curse of Frankenstein and Horror of Dracula. (Fear not for I didn’t watch them. I opted for something else useless to serve as my writing’s background.) Competitive people always do everything they can, and sometimes they ignore the point at which returns diminish.

But I don’t retweet everything someone else tweets. I don’t try to build my following by retweeting Omigod You Won’t Believe These Text Fails! (as do many of history’s great minds whose spirit lives on centuries after their deaths). If I retweet something, it’s because I think my followers might get something — amusement, knowledge, inspiration — from it.

Not that I won’t occasionally watch a video of three stoners trying to figure out how many miles a car will go in an hour if it’s going eighty miles an hour.

Hey, I listen to Garrison Keillor clips a lot, too.

              I also will provide, at the end of blogs, an opportunity for you to buy, or at least consider, my books:



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