Horses in Disguise

I won't be signing books much in the near future. (Monte Dutton photo)
I won’t be signing books much in the near future. (Monte Dutton photo)

I tried to think stimulating thoughts and come up with something profound, but, so far, all I’ve come up with is “you say potato, I say po-tah-to” and “what’s good for the Michigoose is good for the Michigander,” which probably has something to do with the NASCAR race being there.

In other words, I got nothing.

Monte Dutton
Monte Dutton

Sometimes, however, when one tries to write a blog regularly, one just starts wandering aimlessly with one’s fingers … and something arises.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

I’m in a state of suspended excitement regarding my new novel, Crazy of Natural Causes. The final edits have been completed and accepted. I’ve still got a few loose ends to tie. It won’t be long until it’s on the market, but it’s going to seem interminable. Right now, I’m doing a lot of thinking about it. I’m just an expert on writing the damn thing, but I’m going to have to learn how to do what I can to sell it. Crazy is a Kindle book (in fact, a Kindle Publishing book; I’m kind of racing for the factory team) which means I must stress endlessly that readers don’t have to own a Kindle. I, for instance, don’t own a Kindle, but free apps are available for mobile phones, desktops, laptops, tablets, and probably some other devices (ah, iPod!) I couldn’t retrieve (it’s charging).

I like to read real books, too. I’ve only read a few on my little Surface, lifting its base from the keyboards and leaning back in the chair, holding it like, well, a book. The biggest difference is it’s less dusty, and I can’t use a highlighter to mark passages that inspire or amuse.

Or maybe I can. I try to keep it simple.

Maybe Crazy will be successful enough that a print publisher (which today sounds redundant but isn’t) will be interested in the rights. I’ve written previous books in which readers decried the short-term unavailability for Kindle. Now it’s the reverse. This issue is still down the road if it’s an issue at all. Maybe it will take care of itself.

Heritage Days, at Inman Farms, near Fayetteville, Georgia. (Monte Dutton photo)
Heritage Days, at Inman Farms, near Fayetteville, Georgia. (Monte Dutton photo)

Crazy represents a new step. It’s the least derivative of my three novels. In other words, I don’t personally relate to the characters as much. I set it in another part of the country (Kentucky) because the first two novels had in common a setting that bore some similarity to this one.(The fourth novel, will, too.)

Not by intent, but, over the years, I’ve read many biographies of artists of various sorts who were unable to get beyond the events of their own lives. To me, it’s just another stage in my gradual development as a writer. I don’t need to get stuck in that rut or any other.

Journalism –> Newspaper Stories –> Magazine Stories –> Non-Fiction Sports Books –> Non-Fiction Other Book –> Fiction –> Keep Getting Better.

The above, like my brainstorming about Crazy of Natural Causes, wasn’t planned in advance. I draw wisdom from the words of the cowboy Larry Mahan, as quoted in song by Guy Clark:

Mistakes are only horses in disguise / Ain’t no need to ride ‘em over ‘cause you could not ride ‘em different if you tried.


My first two novels, The Audacity of Dope and The Intangibles, are available here along with most of the books that led to them:



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