Not Gon’ Let It Bother Me

Peaceful waters. (Monte Dutton photo)
Peaceful waters. (Monte Dutton photo)

I’m about to be busy with the editing of my new novel, Crazy of Natural Causes. At the moment, I’m obsessing over making the cover better. It’ll work out. It needs to grab the attention of potential readers. Once they buy it, most of them are going to like it. Maybe putting all that work into something breeds confidence. I’ve got this innate cool that all is going to be fine. Maybe it’s the calm before the storm. I hope so, for better or for worse.

Seriously. For better and for worse.

Monte Dutton
Monte Dutton

Not everyone will like it. That’s fine. That’s to be expected. I’ve got the outlook of a man who has been writing sports for most of his life. If I don’t piss off about 15 percent, I figure I’m putting them to sleep. Quoting the words of one of my songs, “I’d rather suffer a hard-earned loss than an easy, empty win.”

I’m happy. I’m still writing about NASCAR on the side. It’s where what little reputation I have mainly resides. I enjoyed Sunday’s race because it gave me something to write. Sometimes it’s a struggle. Last night (Bleacher Report column) and this morning ( blog), it wasn’t.

Writing isn’t related to how other interests are going, but it helps to feel satisfied. God knows I’ve spent my share of time agonizing over the past three years while I was falling from newspaper grace.

In the old days, promoters used to say there was no such thing as bad publicity. If a big controversy developed, it sold tickets. If people got to arguing, it bred interest. It’s all right if my novel gets folks arguing. Maybe they’ll buy it and see for themselves whether it’s really that good or it’s really that bad. Maybe they’ll figure it’s worth buying.

It’s not going to cost much.

It’s only been a short while since I learned KindleScout had chosen my novel from among the others in the KindleScout program for publication. I’m still basking in that modest confirmation that this yarn is worthy of public consumption.

I'm preparing myself for shining moments. (Monte Dutton)
I’m preparing myself for shining moments. (Monte Dutton)

Yesterday the Boston Red Sox played like the Boston Red Sox I love for the first time all season. A horse named American Pharoah won the Triple Crown and got its own Twitter fan page. The NBA and the NHL are locked in championship death struggles.

I thought Twitter had enough neigh sayers already.

Bring on the critics. Bring on the reviews. Crazy of Natural Causes is my idea of a damn fine novel. Naturally, my opinion is more than a little jaded.

There’s bound to be some others out there.

              Once you read Crazy, you’re going to want to read some of my other books. You might as well get stocked up in advance.



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