The Writing Will Find You

(Monte Dutton photo)
(Monte Dutton photo)

Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be writers. If it’s in them, it will come out, but there’s no reason to encourage it. Don’t recommend it, for God’s sake.

Personally, I only think of writing once a day. Every day. All day long.

I usually watch TV and read at night.

By Monte Dutton
By Monte Dutton

Once I wanted to be president, or at least a Congressman. I was young and thought it honorable. I have since developed a sense of humor.

My great weakness is that I have never cared as much as I ought for money. It did, however, mesh nicely with my chosen profession.

Journalism was a good gig while it lasted. I traveled all over the country, trying to chase speeding automobiles, blissfully impervious to the impossibility of that task. I couldn’t catch them, but I could write about it from a nice vista overlooking the track.

Here’s how my writing career began. It was before my football career ended. I took typing class, and sat behind a manual typewriter carrying a certain athletic pride, and it hurt to discover I was inept. A girl two seats in front of me might have secretly been Wonder Woman. I sat back there typing “a-s-d-f” and “semi-l-k-j” while the cylinder on her contraption might have been a loom at the cotton mill.

She wasn’t Wonder Woman, but she did marry a professional wrestler.

(Monte Dutton sketch)
(Monte Dutton sketch)

I started typing every night. I wrote a diary, mostly about how football practice went. I wish I knew where all those pages went. I’m not sure why. I’d probably retch, reading them.

I became the kid writing four graphs about high school basketball games for the local weekly and the editor of the school newspaper. There’s one of us in every town.

When I got to college, still in denial over my clear destiny, I always liked classes with essay questions.

Now I’m too old, both practically and by nature, to change.

I always knew I would be a struggling artist. I envisioned it as being at age 23 instead of 57.

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