Eddie & Sunny, by Stacey Cochran


This is how I came to read Eddie & Sunny. I pass this along because I have some hope of you following the same path.

I entered my novel Crazy of Natural Causes in Amazon’s KindleScout program, which is a path to publication. When I entered it – posting a sample, a Q&A, short synopsis that many of you were kind enough to nominate for publication – I wanted to read a novel that had already been published by Amazon. I bought Eddie & Sunny because it seemed to bear some similarity to the tone of all three of my novels: The Audacity of Dope, The Intangibles, and the aforementioned one on the way.

By Monte Dutton
By Monte Dutton

My instincts were right. Stacey Cochran’s novel deals with some of the people who have fallen through life’s cracks, and I have a sympathy for such people. In The Audacity of Dope, Riley Mansfield sort of stumbles a different path, from obscurity to fame. Eddie and Sunny, partly by cruel fate and partly by unfortunate decisions, plunge into ever deeper trouble.

The protagonists of this novel begin the story on the run, but they separate, growing ever more desperate, until fate brings them back together in a bind that seems hopeless. At the beginning, they are mired in poverty, homeless, with a precocious son in tow and a daughter on the way. Then they stumble upon a marijuana-growing operation, and Sunny shoots two menacing types because, naturally, they are menacing her son.

And away the story goes.

Eddie gets discovered, betrayed, beaten, and left for dead by the bad guys, and, by “left for dead,” it means in coastal waters of the Atlantic. Sunny hopes he’s alive, recognizes he’s probably dead, and flees to Florida with the two kids, one of which is an infant now. Her plight worsens, and also her notoriety, as the authorities close in. Eddie, who has exacted vengeance against his would-be killers, has also acquired a considerable amount of money. He heads to Key West, hoping to find Sunny, who hasn’t gotten there yet.

Against long odds, they find each other, and against impossible odds, mount a last stand.

The story accelerates at the end, a trait common to all three of mine. This story struck me a bit hasty and its ending a bit murky, but I suppose this could be functional in terms of continuing their story in another novel. It left me wondering what happened between and after the lines.

I’d read more about them. I like a story that has me rooting for the underdogs.

You can buy Eddie & Sunny here: http://www.amazon.com/Eddie-Sunny-Stacey-Cochran-ebook/dp/B00R3F4VOG/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1433290268&sr=1-1&keywords=Eddie+%26+Sunny&pebp=1433290262849&perid=1BEFP41DBBPVXDA1BEPE

              If you’re interested in mine, fiction and non-fiction alike, they’re here: http://www.amazon.com/Monte-Dutton/e/B005H3B144/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1416767492&sr=8-1


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