Fate and Rationalization


A hurricane stole the "I."
A hurricane stole the “I.”

The Weather Channel reports that there’s an eighty percent chance of rain. One channel away, Weather Nation claims it’s forty. Today is Alexis Smith day at Turner Classic Movies.

I don’t particularly want to watch Alexis Smith. Prudence calls for putting off the lawn mowing till the morrow.

It’s all about me. Some days, that’s all I’ve got. Yesterday I took so many trips without leaving the farm.

On my regular/non-fiction/original website, www.montedutton.com, I posted a blog, “Nobody Wins,” about the racing tragedy in upstate New York. Normally my NASCAR blog may reach a thousand or so. This one has received, as of this moment, 33,627 hits. The result? No great accumulation of wealth. I didn’t stay at Holiday Inn Express. I appeared on seven radio talk shows and one TV news show. I like it. I’ve done it many times, though not so many in one day, not in thirteen years, anyway. They promote the website – I even mentioned this one on a couple shows – and, when they ask questions, I say what I think. Sometimes I get a chance to mention my books. It’s not a complex task.

I was on the radio at, hmm, 9:30 and eleven a.m., then 3:20, five, six, seven, and 8:30. I was on the Newsmax channel at 12:30 p.m., and apparently, according to social-media sources, it was replayed later, as in, Guess what? You’re on my TV right now!

Fortunately, I found time to shave and shower before the deluge, then, after “my 3:20” (doctor’s lingo), I escaped to the post office to ship a couple items and then picked up two hot dogs and a bag of potato chips to go at Wilson’s Curb Market.

There wasn’t much opportunity to write, so I whiled away the time reading. I’m pretty sure the Royals, Orioles and Dodgers won, and I know for damn sure the Red Sox didn’t play. They’re in Cincinnati tonight.

I’m going to work on the novel, which I intended to do yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that, so that, now, when I announce this intention, I might as well be crying “Wolf!” Some of it is rationalization.

In my defense, though, fate did intervene a little.


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