Attending to the Attention

Richmond, Va. It's hard to follow these instructions. (Monte Dutton)
Richmond, Va. It’s hard to follow these instructions. (Monte Dutton)

As you may know, I blog regularly at as well as here. For twenty years, I wrote about automobile racing for a living. The other blog is often devoted to NASCAR, as well as other sports and aspects of life I experience. I began this blog as a site for my literary endeavors: the books I’ve written, the ones I’m writing, and short stories. I probably could have saved some extraneous words by noting that “wellpilgrim” is about writing. Or that this one’s mainly fiction, and the other’s mainly non-fiction.

Owing to my past, gets more attention. A NASCAR blog typically is read by about ten times as many people as my short stories.

I wrote a blog on Sunday that, at least by my lowly standards, went “viral,” to borrow the hyperbolic slang. A typical auto-racing blog reaches about a thousand readers. “Nobody Wins,” about the Kevin Ward Jr. tragedy at a New York dirt track and Tony Stewart’s role in it, reached about 15,000 readers on Sunday and, so far, close to 12,000 more today.

As I should have realized, today turned into radio/TV day. I’ve been on three radio talk shows and one TV show so far today, and as of the last time I checked email, four more are coming up. It’s not unusual for radio hosts to ask me to appear on their shows – I’m on SCSportsTalk most every Friday night – but most times it’s two or three a week, tops.

By the way, here’s the blog link:

I’m going to begin another short story soon. Right now I’m sort of bogged down in the consequences of yesterday. As Gus Macrae said in Lonesome Dove, “They’s worse thangs.”


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