I Don’t Want To Bug You … But I Must

Hey, got any tips?
Hey, got any tips?

I think of “Bones” on Star Trek: “I’m a doctor, Jim, not a tour guide.”

The age requires versatility, and I am sadly lacking, in general, but also where my books are concerned.

Audacity2Put me in front of an audience, and I am fine. I’m perfectly confident in my ability to talk about my novels, The Audacity of Dope and The Intangibles, and convince people that they would make for engaging reading. I read selections. I pick up my guitar and play a song or two. (Audacity is about a songwriter and is littered with lyrics I wrote.)

My problem is the layer of promotion before that. It’s difficult for me to beg people to let me promote my book. I want to be there because my books are good, not because I bug, beg and plead with people to have me. In a world where bugging, begging and pleading are not only commonplace but deemed admirable, and necessary, I find my skills lacking. Perhaps it is more appropriate to admit that my willingness is lacking.

Maybe it’s pride. Maybe it’s vanity. Maybe I’m daft. (I answer the question of a thousand English actors: “Are you daft?” Perhaps.)

MontyBookFLatSEPIA_TITLEWhat I need is someone to bug, beg and plead for me. Someone who works on commission. I’ve been working on that. Of course, that “bug, beg, and plead” reticence comes into play here, too.

I’m quite respectful of this gift. I don’t have it.

Consider my novels. I’ll sign one or both for you and ship them if you’ll send me a check (www.montedutton.com, “merchandise”). They’re available from my publisher (www.neverlandpublishing.com), at several independent stores, and www.amazon.com features Kindle editions as well as honest-to-gosh paperbacks. You’ll like them. Most who have read them do. I just need more.


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