Between Short Stories

The Russian River, California
The Russian River, California

From whence do the short stories spring?

The majority of the stories on this site began with songs I’ve written. “Facebook Friends,” for instance, began as a song.

As a matter of fact, evolved into a depository for short stories. I split time between working on novels* – “Crazy by Natural Causes” is sitting aside for now, close to ready, and “Deadly Arrogance” is close to the end of its first draft – and writing short stories. The idea was to publish, one day, a collection of short stories, most of which grew out of songs. I’m not sure about a title yet. “Stories That Sing,” maybe? “Longer Songs”? “Songs of Substance”? It’s way down the road, after my novels have made me famous. A man’s got to have dreams.

Already written, in song and short story, are “Facebook Friends”; the most recent, “Tattooed Gal” ( ; “If the Good Lord’s Willing,” a story about music bringing father and son together (; “Furlough Blues,” about a writer being blackmailed ( ; “I Got Cash Money,” probably the story closest to the song ( that sired it; and “Stuck in a Rut,” about a good girl’s flirtation with a bad boy (

“The Plagiarist of Winfield Shoals” was fun to write because it was loosely based on a relative, and “A Nice Break from Desolation” was about a washed-up baseball scout. “High, Wild and Handsome” was about an old-time stock car racer adjusting to changing times. I could see the process reversing. “High, Wild and Handsome” would make a good song and might one day.

What’s next? I’m thinking about “short storying” a song called “The Paved Road” (

The short stories are vast expansions of the songs. I think about the characters in the songs and concoct a plot in which they could plausibly exists.
Audacity2Two of my novels, The Audacity of Dope and The Intangibles, have been published by Neverland Publishing LLC ( and are available in Kindle editions at They are also available at (Barnes & Noble) and in some nearby bookstores and one office supply, L&L, here in Clinton, S.C.

Assuming that your eyes resting here mean that you have some interest in my stories, whether written or sung, I hope it will lead you to test the waters of my novels.
Signed copies of my novels are available at my main website,, where many of the blogs are related to my former career writing about NASCAR and other sports for a living. This site, “Wellpilgrim,” started because I wanted to appeal to a new audience.

The idea is to build a readership for my fiction and create a possibility that my writing might draw the attention of those who might be interested in publishing and/or promoting it.

Another idea is to have fun. Because writing is fun. It’s what I do.

*Style call: I decided to enclose unpublished works in quotation marks and published works in italics.


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