A Thanks and an Invitation

I very much appreciate all the comments regarding my short story, “Facebook Friends,” along with all the responses to other blogs that have combined, along with the assistance of watchful eyes at “Freshly Pressed,” to cause this blog to mushroom over the past few days.

Monte Dutton
Monte Dutton

That was the plan all along, but it took a while and it wasn’t like I had any air of certainty. Popularity wasn’t the primary goal, and I planned “Wellpilgrim” as sort of a depository of short stories that I would collect and write even as I was also chipping away at novels.

For those of you who “discovered” me via “Facebook Friends,” I hope you’ll read some of the other short stories I’ve stored here.

I also hope you’ll read my two novels, The Audacity of Dope and The Intangibles, both published by Neverland Publishing LLC  (neverlandpublishing.com) of Miami, Fla.

Please visit the website that preceded this one, montedutton.com.

That’s me. Monte Dutton. Plenty of information is available on the two novels, including a means for me to ship signed copies to you.

Again, thanks for your interest.


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