Two Kinds of Spam

A hurricane stole the "I."
A hurricane stole the “I.”

Having a blog means having to delete all sorts of “spam” messages every day. Many of them are written by online opportunists who, given their amusing misuse of English, make it almost worthwhile, reading the fractured remarks. Some of them are mildly insulting, while, of course, generalized in a way that equally misfits thousands of sites.

You have glorious optimum thoughts but so cool would it be to get your facts organized and properly substantized.

A part of me thinks, well, guy’s got me pegged, all right, and a part makes me want to reply in the manner of Hobson in Arthur: “Ah, yes, but, then again, go screw yourself.”

Fortunately, the prevailing part of me just clicks the “spam” button.

I sort of enjoy reading them. Does that make me a bad person?

Besides, I’ve always preferred Treet to Spam, but the only way to have either is fried with scrambled eggs, and then only once in a very great while.

Spam the crappy food and Spam the Internet crap are nicely grouped. Clarity resides there.


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