Modern Seeds of Discontent

When I was a kid, the president got assassinated. The Vietnam “Conflict” cost the country more than 58,000 lives. Riots left many major cities in flames. It was wave on wave: JFK, Vietnam, civil rights, cultural upheaval, RFK, Dr. King, Watergate, Wallace, etc., etc.

Don’t tell me times are hard. For some people, times are always hard.

FloridaKeys 006           Now many of the major forests are in flames. The oceans are rising. Storms get increasingly fierce. Both the highways and the government are in gridlock. Sometimes the national slogan appears to be, “Forget school. Give the kids guns.”

Settle down. The NRA wants the Kiddie Corps to be a well-regulated militia.

The issue really isn’t a matter of anything taking away anyone’s guns. The issue is whether gun owners should be prevented from buying more. Seen a mouse? You need an assault rifle. It’s not kill but overkill. Sensible regulation isn’t the same as banning guns.

To drive a motor vehicle, one has to have a license and demonstrate proficiency. To carry a gun? No problem!

Ah, well. I guess it worked out all right in Tombstone, Arizona, and Deadwood, South Dakota, and Dodge City, Kansas. It’s got to work in Chicago.

What is in doubt is our ability and willingness to help ourselves. There is no national consensus on anything. There’s a median but not much of a mean. No one is average. The citizenry and its representatives are at cross purposes, and yet the citizenry seems unwilling to do anything about it.


Whether there is a Citizens United or not, the money of the few cannot suppress the interests of the many forever. The system is stressed. It might get seismic.

Oh, by the way, that happened in the 1960s.

Problems we got. What we have to rebuild is a sense of the common good. It won’t be rebuilt in an orderly fashion unless we get leadership, not just from the president or the Congress or the Supreme Court.

As of the moment, though, it scares me that perhaps Lincoln was wrong.

Maybe you can fool all of the people all of the time. That’s the most frightening aspect of all.


One thought on “Modern Seeds of Discontent

  1. Cue the hate mail in 3 – 2- 1….

    It is really sad when the NRA even campaigns against “safe” guns, guns that will only fire when close to an electronic signal. I know I’m not describing it properly. A dealer was subjected to death threats when he announced he would sell these guns that just might save lives of children.

    Welcome home, Monte.

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