On the Road Again

Suh-wing and a miss!
Suh-wing and a miss!

For 20 years, I flew an average of 50,000 miles, but I haven’t been on an airplane since November 2012. That may change this summer. I spent six nights in motels in 2013. For 20 years, it was 100-plus.

I’m a bit rusty, but so far, so good. I think all I needed that I left at home were business cards. Some may turn up in my bags, my guitar case … somewhere. I’ve got a handful in my wallet, but business cards aren’t what they used to be.

You on Twitter? Facebook? Look me up.

I drove nine hours on Tuesday, then went to a minor-league baseball game. It always surprises me that driving is so tiring. All I’m doing is sitting in one place and listening to music. I suppose it’s the concentration.

I also walked around the grounds of the Mississippi Capitol for a while. And I bought some vitamins at the Sam’s Club next to the ballpark. And a bunch of bananas because they were only $1.49.

Good seats were still available at Trustmark Park.
Good seats were still available at Trustmark Park.

The Montgomery Biscuits clobbered the Mississippi Braves – if they were the Jackson Braves, there would be two Jacksons in the Southern League – by a score of 9-3. It was 6-0 after two, so I didn’t see a classic, but I stayed till the bitter end, anyway, doing what I usually do at ballgames, which is make friends with the people around me that I’ll never see again. In the first inning, the Biscuits twice scored on close plays at the plate, and there was another close play at second. The ball got away on both plays at the plate. Later in the game, what would have been a close throw to the plate was cut off.

The only player cut down at the plate was representing the Magnolia State. “See?” I yelled. “Sometimes the guy’s out if you don’t cut off the damned throw!”

Life’s that way, too.

I can see Talladega Superspeedway from here.
I can see Talladega Superspeedway from here.

My only stop on the way out was at Talladega, Ala., where I pulled off I-20 to take a look at the race track I used to visit. I didn’t even pull in. I just snapped a couple photos and got slightly wistful.

Today? The weather is iffy. The Biscuits are playing the Braves again at 11 a.m. I’m playing it by ear. I may go to Eudora Welty’s house. On trips like this one, I try to be as unplanned as possible.

The Mississippi Braves' dugout.
The Mississippi Braves’ dugout.

Tomorrow morning, though, I’m driving to New Orleans. The trick there is to sightsee but not so much that I’m sweaty and unkempt when I get to Garden District Book Shop (2727 Prytania) for a 6 p.m. book signing. Afterwards, I’m going to drive north before checking into another Hampton Inn. The next long drive is Friday.

My nephew is house sitting. I’m sure there’ll be another minor crisis, like yesterday when he couldn’t find the money I left him because my mother had taken it so that she could buy him food with part of it. All is now well again, as best I know.

Of course, I left him with plenty of guns and ammo, in case any of you potential burglars are taking notice of my being away.


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