Going on a Tour

I visited the Vicksburg battlefield a couple years ago. This time I'll miss it.
I visited the Vicksburg battlefield a couple years ago. This time I’ll miss it.

Oh, what a busy day.

I’m leaving on a long trip in the morning. I’ve got lots on the plate. I’ve got to visit some loved ones this afternoon because it got postponed Sunday, which is why I was cutting the grass yesterday. I’ve filed my monthly sales tax, balanced my accounts, paid pills, caught up on accounting. I still need to make a trip to the trash dump and barber shop. I need to buy provisions for my nephew, who is house sitting while I’m away.

I really don’t need to be writing this.

I postponed a routine doctor’s appointment, and taking one of the riding mowers to the shop will have to wait. That’ll give the other one time to break down.

I like driving, particularly when I can take my time and stop on a whim to play my guitar next to a lake or at a mountainous overlook. I’m hitting the road hard tomorrow – Jackson, Mississippi is a long way – so that I can take my time for the next couple. Then I’ve got a long drive, from Louisiana to north Texas, on Friday.

Step right up! Get your novels!
Step right up! Get your novels!

On Friday (6-7:30 p.m. CDT) I’ll be talking about my novels – mainly the current one, The Intangibles – at Garden District Book Shop in New Orleans (2727 Prytania Street). I’ll read a little, sing a song or two while strumming my guitar, and if it goes as planned, signing quite a few. New Orleans isn’t familiar territory; I haven’t been there for any length of time in forty years. If you know someone who’d like to read a Southern novel set in the 1960s, let them know about it.

Then, after driving to Alexandria, La., for a head start, I’ll drive up to Gainesville, Texas, hard by the Oklahoma border to serve as emcee of Concert for VISTO at the Cooke County Fairgrounds. VISTO raises money for kids in the area, and it is the favorite charity of a great friend, Vince Pawless, who hand-makes guitars including the one leaning against the couch on my left at the moment.Visto+Music+Sponsors

I’m planning to be quite the wandering gypsy on the way back home, which is likely to follow a northerly route that I am intentionally leaving somewhat open. I expect Nashville might be a stop.

With a little luck, I’ll watch the Mississippi Braves play Tuesday night. If I don’t arrive in time, or if I’m beat, I may wait until the 11 a.m. matinee on Wednesday. Or I may go to both games. The general manager and I go back a ways.

I’ve got reasons to be in New Orleans and Gainesville, but I’m also looking for things to write about. I’ve been cooped up in town for too long, cranking out short stories and chapters of fiction. I need to experience the people and places.

I’m also positive I’ll have my fill for a while once I get back home.


2 thoughts on “Going on a Tour

  1. Bob Jurgens

    I, for one, wish you a great, fun and rewarding journey. The kind of travel you describe is one of my life’s great pleasures.


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