Slapping the Dash*

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*Don’t worry. The title just sounds dirty. You may cautiously proceed.


I’m drained. I’ve been writing all day. The 24th chapter of my fourth novel – there’s a third that’s mostly completed but sitting aside for now – went down today, though I tinkered with it all weekend. The whole story is entertaining, or, that’s the goal, but a novel wouldn’t work without hills and valleys. This chapter was pivotal, and I’m quite cheery at getting it completed.

It was fun. It was deliciously evil. At this point in the story, the good guys are still at bay, but it’s turning. The working title of it is Deadly Arrogance, and the title is starting to take its toll on the antagonists.

I’m so spent, though, that I sat in front of this keyboard for about an hour, perusing Twitter, pondering my guitar and a Eudora Welty short story, before I finally started slapping this dash, figuring I’d just string sentences together until some order materialized.

Thank God the novels are a bit more organized in their design.

I spend so much time these days just holed up writing that I wonder how I’m going to find material for subsequent creations. I don’t get out enough. I’m going on a long trip in a few weeks, though, so I guess I’ll need to make the best of it.


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