Signs of the Accelerating Times

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Here’s what happens when you’re over 50 years old but interact with lots of people who are younger.

You can’t believe they don’t know how great Johnny Unitas was until you realize that Unitas to them is Red Grange to you.

How comes kids don’t ever seem to ride their bikes?

Tattoos. Yecchh.

What do you mean you don’t know how to play cards?

It’s ridiculously expensive to get in trouble.

Many people take better care of their pets than their children.

Somehow it has become alarmingly acceptable to drop out of school.

Many kids get their sports heroes from video-game personas. They don’t watch the games. They play them.

People read and write in 140-character increments.

Somehow it has become fashionable to ignore scientists when considering science.

Most great works of literature are written by or about celebrities.

No one gives concerts at Folsom Prison or San Quentin anymore.

There ought be minimum standards in public places for toilet tissue and towels, and life’s too short for hand dryers.

The customer is never right.

Texting is better than talking.

The world is full of acronyms you don’t understand.

You read obituaries like mystery novels, trying to figure out if the deceased has relatives you know.

Everybody’s a writer.


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