Stuck In A Rut, Part Three

This is a serial short story, derived and expanded from a song I wrote. The first two parts may be found elsewhere in my blogs.

A switch, somewhere in Josie Swenson, flipped on. She changed and felt adventurous. She walked outside between classes and smoked a cigarette, which she had never done before. Her two o’clock class ended and officially began her Spring Break. On the way to the family cabin on Lake Murray, she drank a few beers and was half tight when she got there. Three beers. Hah! She had beer and tobacco on her breath when she kissed her mother. Had this occurred ever before, she would’ve at least been chewing gum furiously. She didn’t care. Her older sister, Patti, and her boyfriend, Chance or Chase or maybe even Chad, chatted amiably on the patio with Mom while Dad grilled steaks. Her mother smoked a cigarette, and Josie figured she would, too. When she lit a Camel Light – she had just adopted Tripp Fallaw’s brand – the look on her mother’s face would have dropped a grizzly bear, but she couldn’t very well say anything, could she? She was smoking, too. Josie enjoyed her predicament immensely.

Over dinner, Josie informed her parents that she was seeing a golf pro.

“An older man?” her father asked, wondering just how in the world his co-ed daughter had gotten acquainted with a golf pro.

“Tripp’s just a little bit older than I am, Dad,” she said. “I guess he’s not really a golf pro. He played on the NC golf team. Now he plays golf for money, so I guess that’s why I said he was a golf pro.”

And he sells pot, and he’s a bookie, but that’s not important.

Ray Swenson frowned and cut all the pieces of his ribeye in advance, which he never did. Vera devoted inordinate attention to her baked potato. The air got chilly. Josie left most of her steak and announced she was going for a walk. Instead, she just walked into the kitchen, grabbed the three remaining beers she had carried in from the car, and walked down to the boathouse.

She had a text message from Tripp.

When can u get loose, baby?

She was supposed to be there for a week.


Cool. Wanna go to LA?

Hell yeeaahh!!!!

Meet u Cola airport. Let u know more when I do. Love u.



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