Lyrically High

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When I was a boy, I noticed that a trademark of Buck Owens songs was that lots of them began with, Weeeellll, I’m a-gonna …
I suppose we all fall into patterns, whether by intent or habit. I tend to begin songs by getting up in the morning, sometimes literally.
The first thing I saw when I woke up this morning was …
Woke up this morning feelin’ kinda bad …
I also begin by knowing this guy.
I know a guy who’s a first-rate prude …
I knew a guy who laughed real easy …
You’ll have that in big-time songwriting.
I don’t think it’s indigenous to my songs. I’ve written about forty, and it’s just a pair of twos. I’m not worthy of stereotyping. I should experience some degree of success before anyone stereotypes me, don’t you think?
I also like weird rhymes when their effect is humorous.
A cyclone has wrecked Bangladesh / Yet somehow I still feel quite refreshed.
I got cash money / And I’m workin’ steady / Used to go to church / Mama’s name is Betty.
I hobble around in constant pain / But I got more women than Herman Cain.
Woman chased me like a pup / Kissed my ass like a suction cup.
I should’ve named him Abel ‘cause his brother’s Cain / They’re a ray of sunshine and a sheet of rain.
I’m pretty sure she knows I love her / Pretty sure she likes me a lot / But love and like are twice as bad / As fish and chicken in the same pot.
Oh, these are just the ones that came quickly to mind.


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