Left to My Own (Poetic) Devices

“Love your liver with Liverite Liver Aid.” I just saw that on TV, right after, “Carolina. Duke. The rivalry continues.”

That’s a juxtaposition. It’s about as juxtaposed as it gets.

Why would Liverite be placed right after a basketball promo? Was it a matter of some programmer just popping in – or whatever they do – the next ad on the list? Or was there a particular reason why viewers who like to watch North Carolina play Duke would also be inclined to consider their liver health. Perhaps alcohol was involved, but, my God, it was ten in the morning.

At some level, it comes down to: Are they that stupid? Or are they that smart?

And did Lee Harvey Oswald really act alone? What the hell does “American Pie” mean, and, for that matter, what the hell, or who the hell, is Miss American Pie?

Can we please get a juxtaposition here?

Perhaps I’ll move on to other poetic devices later, but back to Liverite. Isn’t that a peach of a tongue twister? “Love your liver with Liverite Liver Aid.” I’m going to see how many times I can say it.


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