Consequences of a Crazy World

What if it is discovered, oh, in a decade or so, that the smartest people are the ones in prison because they aren’t allowed to use Twitter?

What if the language changes, veering in the direction of mindless simplicity by means of the use of “u” instead of “you,” “2” instead of “to” or “too” and not merely “two,” “bruh” instead of “brother,” “err” instead of “every,” and “wtf?” instead of “why did that happen?”

The world will keep right on turning, albeit simply. The world gets ever more complicated while analysis of it gets ever simpler.

Forget simplicity alone, though. It’s time to coin an oxymoron: “intellectual stupidity.” Not dishonesty. That demands a modicum of thought.

Just sayin.’

“Just sayin’” is a social-media means of writing something outrageous while, at the same time, denying responsibility. It’s a modern equivalent of the Southern cliché “bless his heart.”

He cheated on his girlfriend, bless his heart.

            He is a homo. Just sayin.’

It’s cold outside. Doesn’t seem like global warming to me. Just sayin.’

            Bill Clinton’s one to talk about women’s rights. Just sayin.’

These people seem to believe two words absolve them of all responsibility. Just sayin.’


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