Mainly Running in Place

Last week I was driving through the middle of town, traffic slowed down to a crawl, and I looked to my left where the owner of a new Chinese restaurant was standing on the other side of the window, holding his smiling little boy. The toddler was giggling. I waved at him. He waved back. It made my day.

Little things mean a lot. I coined that phrase. I was number 1,247,372. I bet it’s in the Bible somewhere. The song was written by Edith Lindeman and Carl Stutz.

One who is faithful in little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much. – Luke 16:10.

Close enough.

I’m hardly a Biblical scholar, but I did do a lot of reading it while working on separate writing projects. Neither is religious in nature, but both have characters going through religious upheaval.

Obviously, when I started out writing about a little Chinese kid in a storefront window, I didn’t plan to drift into spiritual matters, though, in a sense, I suppose the joy of the little boy was a bit spiritual in that it stirred my soul.

This morning I decided I was going to write this blog. Obviously, it wasn’t a matter of having something to write.

I wrote a paragraph while I had a cup of coffee. Then I thought of something and, after a while, fixed breakfast. The biblical excursion occurred after playing three decidedly non-religious songs on my guitar. This morning’s story was a result of those events as well as WeatherNation, “Imus in the Morning” and a small part of the apocalyptic movie On the Beach lurking in the background, around the corners of my mind.

This blog is a “Seinfeld.” It tries to find direction, but ultimately it is about nothing, and it’s time to move on. I’ll try to do better.


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