Fight the Good Fight

What won’t we do?

We hold the Super Bowl in the open air of wintertime New Jersey. We hold the Winter Olympics at a beach resort. We hold an outdoor NHL match in Los Angeles.

What won’t we think?

We glance at our backyards and proclaim that climate change is over. We think guns will be fired less if everyone has them. We hate people who don’t have jobs as long as it isn’t we. As long as we have insurance, we don’t think everyone else should. We don’t care about American jobs as long as Walmart makes us pay just a wee bit less. We think drilling more oil will lower our gasoline prices even though what actually happens is it’s pumped right out into the world market just like what comes from OPEC, and we don’t even consider that all the oil we save will be available for future generations. We forget that conservation is never bad.

When I write “we,” I don’t mean you, and I definitely don’t mean me. I’m referring to base instincts that reside in us. It’s not the foundation of our beliefs, but more a substance of decay. It’s what happens when we lapse into neglect, when we lose our consideration of the common good, and when we succumb to greed, selfishness and the paternalism of believing everyone else should be forced to be what we are and do what we do.

There is also decency in us all. We just tend to forget it.


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