Guard the Kryptonite

I remember my first reaction to watching Tiger Woods play golf.

What a rip!

Watching Woods swing a golf club was like watching Ted Williams swing a bat, John Elway throw a football and Karl Malone snag a rebound.

How does he do that?

Another observation was that a man’s body could only take so many swings like that, and I think that’s one of the reasons why Woods’ chase of Jack Nicklaus once seemed like he was leading Grant’s army and now it seems more like Lee’s. Near the end. Bedraggled and staggering.

What planted this subject was watching television commentators boast – unanimously still! – that Woods is on the verge of another streak of victories in U.S. Opens, Masterses, British Opens and PGAs.

I don’t think he’s through. I think he’s human.

Woods has had to adjust. He’s like a fireballing righthander who’s had Tommy John surgery. It’s said that a thrower has to learn how to be a pitcher. In Woods’ case, the hitter has to become the golfer.

There are lots of golfers but none who were ever like Woods used to be.

Golf has never had level playing fields, but nowadays Woods is playing the same one as everyone else.


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