A Gray Sabbath

Last night the Grammys sucked so much that I actually watched a handful of plays in the Pro Bowl. Then I switched channels and closed my eyes until the sunspots from the uniforms disappeared. The Sanders Team vs. the Rice Team, huh? Who came up with that?

As recently as two years ago, I enjoyed the Grammys, which means I’ve grown out of touch with popular music in a span of two years. By 2015, I may be listening to classical. As noted yesterday, I’m already drinking coffee to excess, and it’s such a mild addiction.

Fortunately, a rerun of Real Time with Bill Maher was on HBO, and I’d missed it Friday night. That spared me an hour of the Grammys and the latter stages of the Pro Bowl, at which point all of the players as opposed to half of them were undoubtedly stoned.

Certainly nothing performance-enhancing, mind you.

Willie Nelson was on with Maher, and his is such a pleasant, low-key brand of humor. Maher, a fellow traveler, broached the subject of marijuana reform, and Willie invoked Ezekiel 34:29, which reads (at least in my handy King James):

And I will raise up for them a plant of great renown, and they shall no more be concerned with hunger in the land, neither bear the shame of the heathen anymore.

Maher asked Willie if he thought that passage was a reference to cannabis, to which Willie said, “Well, that’s the only [plant] that does that I can think of.”

Then Maher recited statistics on the number of people each year who die alcohol-related deaths and from overdoses of prescription drugs, noting that no one dies of a marijuana overdose.

“I did have a friend who got hurt when a bale [of weed] fell on him one time,” deadpanned Willie.

Another memorable exchange was related to Richard Sherman’s rant on TV after the NFC championship game. Maher asked Howard Dean his thoughts, since Dean famously made a rant while running for president that shortly led to his not running for president anymore.

Predictably, Dean was empathic.

The silver lining to this commonplace Sunday night, which had begun on my TV with Clemson’s 57th consecutive basketball loss in Chapel Hill, was that I got lots of reading done.

So I got that going for me.


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