Everybody’s Got a Skew

Lots of times I read posts on social media that make me laugh.
Everybody’s talking about Chris Christie. How come the MEDIA isn’t investigating Benghazi?
Oh, you mean, like, the last 16 months.
Personally, I think I get my conservatism from reading Facebook and my liberalism from my own mind, but that, in itself, is skewed.
Face it. The world suffers dearly from a lack of perspective. There’s a drought of Renaissance Men that makes California seem watery. As a matter of fact, it seems to me that most Renaissance Men are actually Women.
The common defense of misdeeds is to point the finger elsewhere, and, fundamentally, that is intellectually dishonest. It’s changing the subject.
You want to talk Christie? The way I talk Christie is Benghazi. My favorite baseball player was using performance-enhancing drugs? They all do it. He just got caught. You’re mad that I stole your CD? Remember when we were in kindergarten, and you tripped Tommy Smith. And you did it on purpose!
Let’s say President Obama does something that’s impossible to criticize. We know, in actuality, this is impossible for Republicans, but let’s just pretend. Let’s say he announced today he had been able to bring peace to the Middle East. (Remember, we’re playing pretend.)
I’m almost positive the social media would be full of posts that could be summarized in on exclamation.
You see, the President just said, in an interview, that marijuana is probably no worse than alcohol.
This, by the way, is undeniably true. In fact, alcohol is worse than marijuana, but that is a topic for another day.
And, yes, my perspective is skewed in the direction of weed legalization. Furthermore, President Obama was sort of changing the subject, too, by comparing pot with booze instead of discussing the actual pros and cons of marijuana.
I’ll give the President a pass because I was happy with any tiny hint of change.


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