Don’t Mourn; Be Happy

Phil Everly died, prompting me to peruse Youtube and marvel at the magical, intuitive ability of brothers named Everly, Louvin, Medley and Avett to influence various generations. It seems to me that few have recognized Scott and Seth Avett’s place in this parade of musical history.

I watched “All I Have to Do Is Dream,” “Wake Up, Little Suzie,” “Kentucky,” and, most magically, “Cathy’s Clown,” all the while marveling at the pompadour hairstyles and squinting to confirm that Phil and Don, the Everly Brothers, were playing Gibson guitars.

I just tried to play the chords of “Cathy’s Clown” on guitar. Typical.

This apparently sets me apart. I’m not the least bit sad. I’m joyous.

Phil Everly was 74. That’s not ancient, but it’s old. I just don’t think death is so sad for a man who lived a life so much larger than most. It’s not like the world was deprived of so much, as was the heart-wrenching case of Buddy Holly. He wasn’t silenced by an assassin’s bullet like JFK. Phil Everly’s death will not change the course of history. His life is what did that.

He and his brother gave the world great musical innovation and influenced those who followed. That’s something to celebrate, and there’s no need to be so maudlin about it.


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