Selfish by Nature

I shouldn’t eat as much fried food. I’m probably drinking too much coffee (right at this moment, even). I should get more exercise. I should curb my vices, and, quite possibly, my enthusiasm. It’s stressful, you know.
I don’t care, and to one extent or another, that’s true of most everyone. We pick our poisons, and when we stop the poisons, it’s generally because we have to, not because we want to.
This isn’t just “a wellness issue,” not unless wellness is expanded to include politics, finance, religion, attitude, conservation, safety and/or protection, sexual and otherwise. Buildings are strengthened after, not before, a natural disaster. The government averts disaster just when all hell is about to break loose. We’ll do something about climate change … when it looks as if we’re all about to … boil.
Nothing has changed. It’s no change from our policy regarding buffaloes (bison) in the West. We kill and kill till they’re … almost … gone.
Where did all the buffaloes go?
Ultimately, we are beings of greed and self-interest.
What? Changing our energy policy might increase my rates? That global warming? It’s bullshit!
Send our young to war? Why, sure. I don’t have to fight it.
More restrictive voting rights? I got my ID.
By and large, we are in a nation of self-proclaimed Christians but not a nation of Christian values. I was reading the Bible last year and thought I’d picked up the wrong book.
I’m human. I’m not going to do anything about it.


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