The Daze Ahead

I’m optimistic about the coming year, particularly since it just has to be better than the one just completed.
People are going to smoke marijuana, and lots more aren’t going to mind it. It’s going to be decriminalized in some places, medicinalized in others and legalized in a few more. It is an ongoing process, but the tipping point has been reached.
Then again, I thought that at just about the time Ronald Reagan was elected president.
Tectonic plates are rubbing against each other. On the one side are those who (a.) fear any change, (b.) think that, regardless of how harmless weed is, they don’t want to allow “one more thing,” no matter what it is, and (c.) oh, by the way, have never smoked weed. Apparently, there really still are a few.
And God bless them, by the way. There’s much to be said for those who are, by nature, dutiful, obedient and law-abiding, those who have never exceeded the speed limit, tossed gum out the window or glanced at their smart phone while operating a motor vehicle.
On the other side are, unimportantly, those who (a.) have smoked weed and are well aware of how ridiculous it being illegal is, and, importantly, (b.) politicians who are going to be unable to ignore that there’s money in them thar joints.
Some might call it an unholy alliance, sort of like the alliance of preachers and moonshiners who conspire, via the preachers’ words and the moonshiners’ money, to keep counties “dry.” Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge. Say no more.
Libertarians, otherwise defined as arch-conservatives with bongs, favor it philosophically and conveniently. Liberals worry about pot being a handy means to imprison the downtrodden, which happens to be true.
The trick is getting the middle just to chill out.
The world will not change drastically. It already has.


2 thoughts on “The Daze Ahead

  1. Joe

    … I prefer to think of Libertarians, like myself, not as”conservatives with bongs” but as Republicans or Democrats with common sense.

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