Sometimes I Can’t Believe I Even Participate

This is just another Sunday, no better or worse than any other. Here are just a few tweets and posts that descended across my social-media timelines today:

Looking for advice to get gasoline odor out of car capet. I goggled it and got everything from coffee grounds to Febreeze. Any suggestions?

Febreze is handy, but I’d try spellcheck.

Does Luck Kinkley ever NOT interfere?

Impossible to tell.

Do you think Churches who refuse to follow the law will loose their tax except status?

Only during Christmas wartime.

RG3 haters need to calm down. Cousins just throw one of the ugliest passes of all time when it mattered most.

I hate when boy th’ow down. Or be turnt up.

Anyone with half a brain KNOWS the NFL is filthy dirty fixed with the REAL commissioner being the bastard GHOST of Al Capone and Las Vegas book makers! …

Oh, by the way, Carolina won. What? Did they not cover?

A mf falcon just killed a bird in my back yard. Nature man.

Only thing the Atlanta Falcons have killed this year.



Freaking joke.. I’m a true panther fan.. but Wtf offense..

I think it’s another name for the Wildcat.

Yea Haw San Antonio!

Hee Haw Nashville!

Happy birthday to me! …. now sing you bastards! Lmao

Ell-EE-em-a-OH! Ell-EE-em-a-OH! Ell-EE-em-a-OH-ho! Ell-EE-em-a-OHHHH-OHHHHHH!

Are you sure? It seems to me things are being shaved down out throats.

It’s a delicate procedure.

Some go to high school. Some go to school high.

But the great majority of us don’t go to school at all.

What a complete cluster.

It’s a damn fine breakfast cereal, though.

Sumer is icumen in. Lihude sing cuccu!

And I thought a liberal-arts education was going to do me some good.


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