Shoot for the Moon? Hah!

I just stumbled across a troubling fact: It’s been 41 years since a man walked on the moon.
Forty-one years! What was the fucking use?
This seems emblematic of the failed promises of youth. It’s gone from “where no man has gone before” to “well, we went there once,” like it was a trip to Hawaii or something.
I know, I know, Hawaii has better golf courses, and it’s generally possible to find the ball.
We’ve gone from “you’ve got to spend money to make money” to “lay off employees so upper management can still make its bundle.” No one dares to be great anymore.
It might cause the markets to be uneasy. Somehow, sending fighting men all over the world doesn’t make the markets uneasy. The markets seem to like war. The markets don’t seem to mind poverty and unemployment. The markets are gobble monsters, Godzilla and Rodan and the Smog Monster, all working in concert.
“Ask what you can do for your country”? That is so sixties.
Now it’s all about greed, which has somehow become good, in marked contrast to the teachings of Jesus, to which we pay lip service and practical inattention.
Religion isn’t supposed to be superstition. That’s playing into the hands of those who aren’t religious. It’s confirming their suspicions … with superstition.
What do we do at bedtime? Recite a litany of everyone we can think of to ask God to bless, and then we fret that maybe we left someone out, as if God is going to swoop down and collect the souls of those who don’t rank high enough in the polling.
Constantly, on social media, I’m asked to say prayers for people of whom I’ve never heard.
“Well, it can’t hurt.” What else is this but superstition?
Oh, I do it, too. I’m lying in bed, about to tumble off to sleep, trying to think of one more distant relative to recite, but at least I have standards. I won’t ask God’s blessings in the name of anyone whose image I can’t concoct in my flickering brain.
It’s not wise. It’s just my policy.
I don’t say, “… and God, even though I despise this particular Joe Sixpack, and I ask Your forgiveness for that, please help him be prosperous and still charm little old ladies out of all their money.”
This world makes hypocrites of us all, but there should be limits on that, not our desire to advance civilization, and in the words of the Constitution, form a more perfect union.


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